SightGlass originated as a coffee stand in 2009 in the SoMa District of San Francisco. Sourcing green coffee is at the heart of what they do at SightGlass. Processing methods, varieties, growing altitudes, climate, soil and farm conditions are a few of the many factors that shape and determine a coffse’s overall quality, it is meticulous and essential work. Their team of brewmasters are educators experienced in teaching coffee fiends about the complexities of coffee. In partnership with Vansary, SightGlass is offering virtual coffee lessons that include a bespoke package of equipment and goods.

At-home Lattes and Mochas

Ever wish you could have a frothy latte without leaving the comfort of your home? Then this is the class for you and your guests. Participants will learn tips and tricks on how to recreate their favorite beverage in their own home, without the expensive espresso machine.
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Coffee and Chocolate Pairing

Peanut butter and jelly, strawberries and bananas, and chocolate and coffee: all natural and delicious pairings. This class will teach participants how to discern the subtle differences and make the finest chocolate taste richer and the highest quality coffee feel like velvet in your mouth.
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What Vansary will handle

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