Liang Zhao

CEO and Founder
Always looking for the path less traveled, Liang is the Founder and CEO of Vansary, a marketing consultancy helping influencers and brands grow their community through tailored events and thought leadership strategies that resonate on a personal level in a digital world, expanding the reach of the message. She started her career working with Fortune 500 companies on their globalization efforts and helped build awareness of new business units and products for over 20 countries. She went on to manage relationships for Moody’s analytics, deepening her relationships with some of the largest financial institutions in the world on the Eastern side of the United States Most recently, she was a director with Bevel PR, premier boutique public relations agency in New York. She worked with industry leading venture capital, blockchain, crypto, wealthtech and insuretech companies on their launch and growth initiatives. Liang was originally born in Luoyang, Henan and grew up in New Mexico. She has her Masters in Finance from Tulane University, where she also graduated Dean’s List with a double major in Marketing and Communications for her undergraduate. New York has been her home for nine years. She is passionate about mentoring blossoming young women and asian descendents with the mission of empowering them to take positions that start with “chief” in the title. She also does pro bono work for local and immigrant-owned small businesses around the country to adapt to a digital marketplace.