Hollin Nies

Communications Strategist
As a persistent believer in the value of rhetoric, Hollin’s passion for enacting change through the power of language has carried her through all aspects of her professional and personal life. While achieving her Bachelor’s in English and Public Writing from the University of Pittsburgh, she was awarded the coveted James Marlee & Myers award for her writing on Comparative Research & Linguistics. Following this, Hollin developed an interest in alternative dispute resolution and legal analysis, which led her to pursue a degree in law in an effort to protect underserved communities. Graduating with honors from DePaul University College of Law in Chicago, Illinois, she worked primarily in medical negligence and malpractice disputes, structuring comprehensive case strategies in preparation for trial litigation. It was there that she discovered an interest in client marketability and consumer engagement campaigns, alongside a growing interest in rebranding her firm’s online presence and expanding its reach to connect with a younger, more diverse audience. She is currently a professor of Public Speaking and Rhetorical Strategies at Gannon University, lecturing on the technical aspects of persuasive speechwriting and public communication. Over the years, Hollin has developed an appreciation for the complex nature of the relationship between public relations and law, one that some might consider to be in direct conflict with one another. She disagrees. In her experience, those practicing law must advise and counsel others on the legal implications of a client’s decisions and actions; those working in the field of public relations must simply advise and counsel on the public implications instead. Each field focuses its core strength on actionable strategy and decisive rhetoric, and Hollin is dedicated to helping her clients communicate their mission most effectively in order to make powerful, impactful changes in their industries while encouraging them to truly grow and thrive.